Attorney Biography



Oklahoma State University,   Bachelor of Science – Political Science  1986

Law School

University of San Diego School Of Law, Juris Doctorate  1989


Pain, Cluff & Olson 
  Associate Attorney
  November 1989 –  March 1993

Pain, Cluff & Olson & Burns
   March 1993 –   October 1994

Law Office of Howard F. Burns 
   Sole Practitioner       
   October 1994 – Present


   Residential Evictions

   Commercial Evictions

    Evictions After Foreclosure

    Foreclosure Litigation

     Defense of Tenant Lawsuits

    Trial Practice

  • Supreme Court of California
  • District Courts of Appeal, State of California
  • Superior Courts of the State of California
  • United States District Court, Southern District of California
  • United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of California
  • United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit

4 Responses to Attorney Biography

  1. Suzanne Orzel says:

    Where’s your address

    • howardfburns says:

      My physical address is on the Contact Us page. My web address and telephone number is on the Biography page. But I’m glad that you pointed it out. I should also have contact information on the Home page which I’m now adding. Thanks.

  2. Steve Brooks says:

    Thank you for providing the excellent resource information on your website. I was alerted to your site as I was drafting a letter in my gmail account to my client about a troublesome tenant. Perfect timing. (how do they know?) I know that tenants typically have more rights than the owners that provide a home for them so it’s comforting to know someone with the knowledge, skills, and willingness to help when needed!

    You are now a “go to resource” when I or any colleague or friend is in trouble.!


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